About us

TAKAPOL has been founded in 2008 as the Polish office of both WPR and TAKA.
WPR produces complete wrapping lines, automatic priming or hot melt application equipment
Taka in conjunction with WPR have produced a range of hot melt polyurethane adhesives and primers tailor made for the Profile Wrapping Industry
As well as all our recommended adhesives and primers holding SKZ certification, we are pleased to confirm that our Zero Voc rated primer Taka WPN holds RAL-GZ 716/1 certification
The goal of TAKAPOL is bringing to the market the know-how, the technology and the experience that has been acquired by WPR and TAKA throughout many years of hard work and intense cooperation with the most important players of the U-pvc market, specifically and exclusively in the field of the LAMINATION OF PROFILES. All solutions that BOTH WPR AND TAKA offer have been specifically researched developed and implemented for this unique application.

TAKAPOL approach is aimed to build up a strong cooperation with you, Polish companies, offering from our side support, technology, know-how, experience and being ready to get from your side any type of enquiry, advice, request, feedback which are essential for our own growth and development.